McCall’s 9576 Reversible Jacket/Coat Finally Finished!

McCall’s 9576 Reversible Jacket/Coat Finally Finished!



It took a while since my initial post here… because I was otherwise occupied and didn’t get around to finishing it until yesterday!!!

Below is a shot of stitching the pocket lining to the coat:


That was the, “teaser”….    And now,… presenting:






Washable in cold water; hang dry. I tug a little at the seams and top-stitching if it looks a tad puckered, but as with my green coat, the fleece probably will need little or no tugging.  I did make the jacket longer to become coat length, and rounded the bottom points to eliminate that hard, squared off look. I think it lines up and looks better.

Well, off to the races!!!!  New York State has been hit hard with snow this year… this coat is warm and always gets compliments. Have fun making yours! 🙂

YIKES!!!!! Even MORE Sewing Patterns!

YIKES!!!!! Even MORE Sewing Patterns!

imageComing  soon to my ebluejay store this week beginning Friday, Dec. 28, 2018.

I’ve tossed a lot of really bad patterns that I sorted out from an estate haul.  The good ones will be posted up periodically over the next 7-10 days.

Just a tiny sample above.

I’ve been on Etsy, eBay, eBid, eCrater with vintage and antique items, and now I’ve started sewing as a business, along with my personal projects.

Hope you’ll contact me here with questions, and view what I will put up on my ebluejay store, too.

My goal is to post my personal sewing projects, sewing patterns and my projects to show and sell here as well.

Have a Blessed Christmas Season and a Happy New Year in 2019!

Happy Sewing & Crafting!

  • Adrienne 🙂



“The giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic
His giving, by grace, through faith, and this is not of ourselves.”
St. Nicholas of Myra

Vintage Xmas 3

Freddie and I will be going to Traditional Latin Mass tomorrow morning at the SSPX chapel. Family coming tonight and tomorrow visiting others.

“Peace on earth to men of goodwill.”.


A Blessed and Merry Christmas & New Year 2019.

Happy sewing!

St. Nicholas, ora pro nobis.

Jesus, Mary & Joseph, I love you. †Save souls.

Vintage Singer Machine, Amvets Finds, Clear Plastic Hose Covers & Garden Greens… OH MY!!!

Vintage Singer Machine, Amvets Finds, Clear Plastic Hose Covers & Garden Greens… OH MY!!!

I did buy this great running sewing machine at a local lawn sale, (the original matching flat bed is in the garage being spruced up a bit) and although I do not NEED any more machines (and after giving quite a few away!) I just loved the machine and couldn’t resist. It was worth the $12.50, MHO:








I haven’t cleaned it up or oiled it yet, but I plan on that this coming week. I know it runs well because the girl I bought it from sewed for me. It was her Mother’s and the family had their entire front lawn just full of furniture, pots, blankets, etc., you name it. She missed her Mom and was glad to know someone who loved sewing and machines was going to use it. That would be me. 🙂

Our local Amvets Thrift Store (where I’ve purchased several good machines in the past) had a 25% off sale on many items including green tags of dishes, cups and more, so I fell in mucho-like of these heavy duty green dishes and cups from the late 70-early-80s:



I just love them!

AND I found EXACTLY what I was looking for: a worthy tower for the fabrics I will be using in my next sewing projects! It’s all metal and was $6.98 USD.  It’s 5 feet high and just perfect!!! I put it around my right shoulder and pushed my cart of dishes and other things through the isles to pay – I made it unscathed:


The last of our garden mixed greens:


Now, this week’s most frustrating item we made at my job… as you can clearly see the sticky-wicket that made it one big, ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Last but not least: on the lighter side, I spied an unexpected treat, and although the image was taken from my cell phone from across the street, I happened to have snapped this pic of The Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz just meandering to the bus stop:





New Sewing Room On It’s Way!

New Sewing Room On It’s Way!

LilacWallIt’s been a while since I posted, because my Wonderful Husband has been working on remodeling my other sewing room. I chose a lavender/lilac color that is close to the color of my childhood room (if memory serves.). It’s very cool and relaxing, which makes it a joy for me to create and sew.

The before and after pics are either disturbing or promising, depending on one’s view. I’ll be adding them in my next post.

He’s also going to lay new flooring down soon. Meanwhile, I’m cramped in the other adjoining room that was my daughter’s; but it works for now.

I’ll be posting the finished room when he completes it. Right now I’m working on a few long dresses ( I LOVE them long!) for myself while I am planning new items to make for sale.

Recovering from my children living home, moving out, moving back, marrying, having a wonderful Grandchild and the room renovations.

And so it goes…

I am also working again on adding items to my Blue Jay Store as well as considering putting them up here on my website for sale.

Time to get the lead out. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome!

Happy Sewing & Crafting!


Don’t Quit Your “Day Job!”

Don’t Quit Your “Day Job!”

It happens: you open a business, you try to get it off the ground, and WHAM

Everybody needs something:

The Boss;

The Family;

The Dog;

You name it… sometimes in life, things just get to be overwhelming and all things creative come to a screeching (and I hope a temporary) halt.

It happens.

PLAN A: ‘Look for the silver lining.’

PLAN B: Buy more toothpicks for eyelids.

I’m working on it…. see you soon.

Busy, but Back! McCalls 9576 Coat

Busy, but Back! McCalls 9576 Coat

Haven’t found much time to blog with some family travel and sewing, but I’m making a better time schedule (yeah, right…) so I can balance (sure…) my efforts better. (HAHAHA!).

I’m replacing my old, lost light/dark green reversible winter fleece coat with a new one using one side charcoal grey and the reverse side a quasi-magenta/pink/red color called, beetroot purple. I LOVE the name of that color! So, although our Buffalo NY snow is  slowly but surely leaving our area, I have gotten back to it and plan to finish it tonight. The word here is, “plan”…. ;^).

See you very soon.  THEN: onto Summer Dresses!!!  YEAH!!!!!

Happy Sewing & Crafting! – Adrienne.



REVIEW: eBluejay

I switched to eBluejay and am happy with it. Read this review from a prominent and trusted seller. There are negative reviews about ALL the selling platforms on any marketplace; but eBluejay gets a bad and undeserved slam.  Enjoy these 2 videos & links:



Green Fleece Coat: A.K.A. “Laundry Blues”… McCall’s 9576


McCall’s 9576 2 Hour Reversible Jacket©1998 (2 hours my foot…). ~:^O

I made this reversible fleece coat a handful of years ago with a matching reversible hat. My friend really liked it…. she wanted it! Personally, I considered it quite simple and unflattering; but it did keep me warm and machine washed like a dream! (I HATE dry “cleaning” chemicals.). Anyway; the fabric was a ‘no-pill’ polyester that always looked like new and never seemed to wear out.


I lengthened it for a coat instead of a shorter jacket, and used two colors/layers of the no pill fleece. If were to make another, I’d re-fashion the shawl collar to be closed to the neck and chest for better coverage in the cold weather. I’m thinking about making another one from some coating I have stashed.


Sadly, I no longer have it. My washing machine broke down and I had to use the local laundromat to wash my things. Understandably,(eyes rolling, here), I left it behind one day and it ended up being, “lost in a backroom flood…” said the Owner. Sure. Ok.

Ah well: I do believe someone is enjoying my coat somewhere,

Hmmnnn… maybe I ought to pay my old friend a visit… she was green with envy, though

HEY! Ya never know! HAHAHAHAHA!

LIVE President Donald Trump SPEECH at March for Life in Washington 1/19/18

LIVE President Donald Trump SPEECH at March for Life in Washington 1/19/18

via LIVE President Donald Trump SPEECH at March for Life in Washington 1/19/18