Green Fleece Coat: A.K.A. “Laundry Blues”… McCall’s 9576

Green Fleece Coat: A.K.A. “Laundry Blues”… McCall’s 9576

McCall’s 9576 2 Hour Reversible Jacket©1998 (2 hours my foot…). ~:^O

I made this reversible fleece coat a handful of years ago with a matching reversible hat. My friend really liked it…. she wanted it! Personally, I considered it quite simple and unflattering; but it did keep me warm and machine washed like a dream! (I HATE dry “cleaning” chemicals.). Anyway; the fabric was a ‘no-pill’ polyester that always looked like new and never seemed to wear out.


I lengthened it for a coat instead of a shorter jacket, and used two colors/layers of the no pill fleece. If were to make another, I’d re-fashion the shawl collar to be closed to the neck and chest for better coverage in the cold weather. I’m thinking about making another one from some coating I have stashed.


Sadly, I no longer have it. My washing machine broke down and I had to use the local laundromat to wash my things. Understandably,(eyes rolling, here), I left it behind one day and it ended up being, “lost in a backroom flood…” said the Owner. Sure. Ok.

Ah well: I do believe someone is enjoying my coat somewhere,

Hmmnnn… maybe I ought to pay my old friend a visit… she was green with envy, though

HEY! Ya never know! HAHAHAHAHA!

Mother of the Bride Pink Gown 1987

Mother of the Bride Pink Gown 1987

Seems just like yesterday.  Freddie and I were married in 1987.

We were both in our 30’s and now in our teens…. (immature…)…

I made the gowns for my Mother, my 2 Sisters-in-Law, and beaded my hat (which I regret wearing a hat to this day!). My Mom didn’t want me to sew, and we compromised: my gown was purchased and so were the two teen maids who were my nieces. My other Sisters-in-Law ‘insisted’ on sewing the little girls gowns. Whatever…

Yet, without further adieu, this is the gown I made for Mom:


My Father (who had big hands but a fine pianist and fiber artist) covered all of these buttons for me. Thanks, Dad!


You can see the slips peeking out at the bottom; thankfully, they did not show on The Wedding Day!irene5-e1321108421323

Detail again of the buttons over the lapped zipper:irene7-e1321109172890Detail of the lace on the hem:



Presenting my beautiful Mother:


Thanks for everything, Mom.

Good Night, Irene. I love you and miss you.



Although I am keeping my eBluejay Store, I decided to close my eCrater Store because I am having difficulty with their shipping matrix: it sends the wrong (and more expensive!) shipping costs to Google Shopping, which makes me look like I’m overcharging when I am not.

So, I am offering FREE SHIPPING when anyone purchases 3 or more patterns in one order/cart. I will refund the shipping cost to you before I ship your order. I ship within 24 hours of receiving your full payment on Business Days = Monday – Saturday. I do not work on †Sundays. LINK BELOW TAKES YOU TO MY STORE IN A NEW WINDOW:

Find my eCrater Store  HERE: https://adrienneszat.ecrater.comScreen Shot 2018-01-19 at 7.49.22 PM

A Blessed 2018!

A Blessed 2018!

“Nothing new is allowed, for nothing can be added to the old. Look for the faith of the elders, and do not let our faith be disturbed by a mixture of new doctrines.”
– Pope St. Sixtus III

A Blessed Christmas Season Through CandleMass on Feb. 2nd & A Happy & Holy New Years Day = The Holy Day of obligation of The Circumcision.

Sewing and crafting in wholesomeness in honor of both Christ The King and Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth.

A Blessed 2018 in The Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen.

Hot Pad Fun

Hot Pad Fun

Easy. I love easy:


I made these for my daughter’s Baby Shower; they truly are easier than they look! Im thinking about taking them to sell – but, with some embroidery and/or vintage fabrics.


I used 100% cotton fabric and batting, as well as cotton thread. Synthetics should not be used with hot items as they could melt and cause a burn injury.


They really are fun to make! Especially like the colors of the pinks, reds and oranges.

They are padded with cotton batting; safe and easy to clean. I DO NOT recommend them to use as to holders (IMHO), since they are not as reliable to hold safely as a mitt would be. These are rather meant to protect your table when setting a warm/hot serving dish of your yummy food.

Safety first. 🙂