Crazy Baby Sun Hat

Yeah: we all got ’em…
A great idea that turns into a, ‘what-the-heck-is-it’???CrazyBabyHat1

Well, my little Grandson doesn’t seem to mind.

As I began with the best of intentionswith some scrap fabrics and scrap threads I wanted to get rid of, I simply let myself go. Someone should have stopped me. =:^0

It seemed to start out all right….. then…

CrazyBabyHat2I became a bit concerned… then…

CrazyBabyHat3I convinced myself it will look great in the end.. then…

CrazyBabyHat6Well, it will look better when the lining is finished… then…

CrazyBabyHat5The lining actually looked better than the seemingly but not drunken grandma embroidery… then…

CrazyBabyHat4I finished it anyway and my daughter came and took it away for unsuspecting Baby… yep, you guessed it… she took it before I could photograph it finished on said Grandson.

I don’t think it will take you much thought to visualize the end result.

Frightening; non-the-less, was a great sun hat for my little sunbather.


Just sew something different. Be daring. One sewer’s disaster is another wearers delight.

(Personally; I think she threw it in the trash.).

Happy Sewing 🙂


    • Thank you, pebbles! It’s not so much wrong but a bit funky. I like to improvise with scraps, but didn’t plan. I was joking about my daughter trashing it; yet, we still can’t find it!!! =:^D


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