A Blessed 2018!

"Nothing new is allowed, for nothing can be added to the old. Look for the faith of the elders, and do not let our faith be disturbed by a mixture of new doctrines." - Pope St. Sixtus III A Blessed Christmas Season Through CandleMass on Feb. 2nd & A Happy & Holy New Years Day… Continue reading A Blessed 2018!

Table Linens

Hot Pad Fun

Easy. I love easy:   I made these for my daughter's Baby Shower; they truly are easier than they look! Im thinking about taking them to sell - but, with some embroidery and/or vintage fabrics. I usedĀ 100% cotton fabric and batting, as well as cotton thread. Synthetics should not be used with hot items as… Continue reading Hot Pad Fun

Sewing Machines

Tour: Zoje Blind Stitch Machine

A blind-stitch hemmer used to well, create blind stitches!.... It's not the best; but for the little I use it, it has done wonderful job on my 84"L lined curtains as well as pant hems, a tweed coat and other things I've made. Since I don't use it often, I was contemplating selling it; but… Continue reading Tour: Zoje Blind Stitch Machine

Sewing Machines

TOUR: Singer 328K Sewing Machine – Great Britain

Enjoy the mini-Tour! šŸ™‚   This isn't my 'very fave' machine; but it IS great little performer for it's size and light weight.Ā I've sewn 3 heavy wool and fleece coats with this machine, and it performed well through several thicknesses. Although I am looking for a cabinet to set it in; a flatbed won't be… Continue reading TOUR: Singer 328K Sewing Machine – Great Britain

Sewing Machines

RANT: Bernina Activa Patchwork Edition 230

Love vs hate... I bought this in 2005; I love it and I hate it. I love it because it is a good workhorse. I hate it because when I bought it the machine had issues. I love it because I finally found a Machine Tech who actually knew what he was doing after 12… Continue reading RANT: Bernina Activa Patchwork Edition 230

Coats & Jackets

G’s Checked Coat

I think this was a Simplicity pattern; I made it several years ago and posted it on my old Adrienne's Armoire blog: It really went together easily; especially since my daughter, G needed no pattern adjustments. A beautiful hand washable wool, it really looks quite impressive on her tall and slender build. Alas; she wore… Continue reading G’s Checked Coat

Babies & Children

Cookie Monster [DIY] Child’s Hooded Bath Towel

This is NOT 'Fine Art': this is fun with a wonderful, high quality vintage blue cottonĀ terry cloth fabric that is now covering my little Grandon after his baths... I kept it simple: no binding or trim because I felt it would last longer on it's own weight and quality while many washings could possible fade… Continue reading Cookie Monster [DIY] Child’s Hooded Bath Towel


Vintage Handmade Christmas Tree Skirt

I made this for my Mom back in the 80's... ...from a beautiful chick-a-deeĀ cotton print she picked out, backed and ruffled in a solid green cotton fabric and sandwiched a thin layer of polyfill that I tacked by hand to create a somewhat tufted look. It's very simple; yet it really looked pretty under the… Continue reading Vintage Handmade Christmas Tree Skirt

Home Decor · Table Linens

Handmade Cloth Napkins

I LOVE cloth napkins!Ā Sometimes paper napkins are called for when small children or sloppy guests are served; yet, my fave is still the cloth variety: Better cotton napkins can usually be laundered on low-medium and come quite clean, but for any blueberry or steak sauce abuse. They can be dried on high heat, steam pressed… Continue reading Handmade Cloth Napkins