Handmade Cloth Napkins

I LOVE cloth napkins! Sometimes paper napkins are called for when small children or sloppy guests are served; yet, my fave is still the cloth variety:

Better cotton napkins can usually be laundered on low-medium and come quite clean, but for any blueberry or steak sauce abuse. They can be dried on high heat, steam pressed for extra sanitation and for that, ‘crisp’ look. A gentle pull of the wrinkled edges when ironing (watch those fingers!!!) can restore their original behavior, in most cases.

I make them for my own table, and am now making them to sell. I also plan to embroider some and play with other designs.

Napkins need neither be boring or tedious to care for: the possibilities are endless.


And if you’re anyone like me, I use them often, BUT I don’t always iron them, if it’s just for my husband and me. (Shhh…).

Pinkies up, Ladies!

  • Adrienne 🙂

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