G’s Checked Coat

I think this was a Simplicity pattern; I made it several years ago and posted it on my old Adrienne’s Armoire blog:


It really went together easily; especially since my daughter, G needed no pattern adjustments. A beautiful hand washable wool, it really looks quite impressive on her tall and slender build.

Alas; she wore it only a couple of times. If it would fit me, I’d shorten it just a bit, since I’m considerable shorter than G, but it’s too small and letting out the seams is not an option. Unless I eat water alone for about 4 months.

No. Besides; I’ve got a Paula’s Donut waiting for me in the kitchen.

And yes: G has not only a head, but a very good and beautiful one on her shoulders.

Gotta go! Thanks for stopping by. =:^D

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WELCOME! I'm the owner of Adrienne's Threads LLC. I opened my business December 2016 to sell my handmade creations utilizing new, quality up cycled & reclaimed materials. I LOVE to make beautiful things, and am slowly but surely adding them to my shops. Stop here to see what I'm creating and where I'm located on the internet. Be sure to follow my website here on Wordpress. :)

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