RANT: Bernina Activa Patchwork Edition 230

Love vs hate…

I bought this in 2005; I love it and I hate it.

I love it because it is a good workhorse.

I hate it because when I bought it the machine had issues.

I love it because I finally found a Machine Tech who actually knew what he was doing after 12 years and got it to run smoothly and adjusted everything to become a reliable and excellent running machine.

I hate it because it was “out of the box” when I got it, but they said it was just taken out to be “checked”. Yeah. Sure.

I hate it because the people who worked at The Bernina Shop in my area sold me a machine that was messed up. I took it in umpteen times and finally the “Tech” there had one of the women who wee sellers take a call from him (downstairs in his shop) and had he make “adjustments” via phone call. He didn’t want to see me anymore because he didn’t know what he was doing and she gave me a very professional snow-job and said it was fixed and I could take it home. It wasn’t = once again.

I hate it because I want to return it but they only would take it on an upgraded trade. BS.

I hate it because I suffered for years and that included taking it to yet another Sewing Machine “Repair Man” in my area who didn’t know his fanny from a pork roast. Needless to say, it was returned to me in the same condition: with yet another bill.

I hate it because I spent $1500. plus tax as well as repairs and I will NEVER deal with Bernina again. The company did nothing for me when I called to complain about this shop.

I love it now, since I found a REAL TECH in a nearby town who is skilled, knowledgeable and believe it or not: REA$ONABLE.

I still will not buy another Bernina again, though. I’ve had enough of the shop, the people and The Company.

I also hate the stupid little plastic “table” that came with the machine (My bad…).  I accidentally broke it and had to pay $30 to replace it. Kinda pricey… as well, it’s a stupid little extension. I prefer the flatbed/cabinet models rather than these ‘portables’, IMHO.

I should have threatened to call The BBB but I didn’t. What a twit I was.

Moral: If you’re unhappy with any machine and/or service, scream until you are refunded in full. Period.



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  1. I share your feelings about Bernina and won’t buy one. When I was in college in 1990s, they were outfitted by Bernina as that was the most reliable make at the time, or was considered to be. It was certainly the most expensive! We all hated those machines with a vengeance. Every student has a different cloth and a different thread, so every time you had to go through a lengthy and painful procedure of tuning it up to your project! As future tailors, we mostly did our sewing as homework, so it was ok, except during hands-on lessons and during exams! We even got 20 minutes extra just to compensate for the time you lose getting the machine to work properly! But those who were just taking sewing classes, were in real trouble. Many were bringing their own machines just to avoid using those Berninas. Of course, no matter how much the school complained, Bernina’s answer was that it was the students’ fault… Yeah, right.

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