Hot Pad Fun

Easy. I love easy:


I made these for my daughter’s Baby Shower; they truly are easier than they look! Im thinking about taking them to sell – but, with some embroidery and/or vintage fabrics.


I used 100% cotton fabric and batting, as well as cotton thread. Synthetics should not be used with hot items as they could melt and cause a burn injury.


They really are fun to make! Especially like the colors of the pinks, reds and oranges.

They are padded with cotton batting; safe and easy to clean. I DO NOT recommend them to use as to holders (IMHO), since they are not as reliable to hold safely as a mitt would be. These are rather meant to protect your table when setting a warm/hot serving dish of your yummy food.

Safety first. 🙂



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WELCOME! I'm the owner of Adrienne's Threads LLC. I opened my business December 2016 to sell my handmade creations utilizing new, quality up cycled & reclaimed materials. I LOVE to make beautiful things, and am slowly but surely adding them to my shops. Stop here to see what I'm creating and where I'm located on the internet. Be sure to follow my website here on Wordpress. :)

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