Mother of the Bride Pink Gown 1987

Seems just like yesterday.  Freddie and I were married in 1987.

We were both in our 30’s and now in our teens…. (immature…)…

I made the gowns for my Mother, my 2 Sisters-in-Law, and beaded my hat (which I regret wearing a hat to this day!). My Mom didn’t want me to sew, and we compromised: my gown was purchased and so were the two teen maids who were my nieces. My other Sisters-in-Law ‘insisted’ on sewing the little girls gowns. Whatever…

Yet, without further adieu, this is the gown I made for Mom:


My Father (who had big hands but a fine pianist and fiber artist) covered all of these buttons for me. Thanks, Dad!


You can see the slips peeking out at the bottom; thankfully, they did not show on The Wedding Day!irene5-e1321108421323

Detail again of the buttons over the lapped zipper:irene7-e1321109172890Detail of the lace on the hem:



Presenting my beautiful Mother:


Thanks for everything, Mom.

Good Night, Irene. I love you and miss you.

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