Green Fleece Coat: A.K.A. “Laundry Blues”… McCall’s 9576


McCall’s 9576 2 Hour Reversible Jacket©1998 (2 hours my foot…). ~:^O

I made this reversible fleece coat a handful of years ago with a matching reversible hat. My friend really liked it…. she wanted it! Personally, I considered it quite simple and unflattering; but it did keep me warm and machine washed like a dream! (I HATE dry “cleaning” chemicals.). Anyway; the fabric was a ‘no-pill’ polyester that always looked like new and never seemed to wear out.


I lengthened it for a coat instead of a shorter jacket, and used two colors/layers of the no pill fleece. If were to make another, I’d re-fashion the shawl collar to be closed to the neck and chest for better coverage in the cold weather. I’m thinking about making another one from some coating I have stashed.


Sadly, I no longer have it. My washing machine broke down and I had to use the local laundromat to wash my things. Understandably,(eyes rolling, here), I left it behind one day and it ended up being, “lost in a backroom flood…” said the Owner. Sure. Ok.

Ah well: I do believe someone is enjoying my coat somewhere,

Hmmnnn… maybe I ought to pay my old friend a visit… she was green with envy, though

HEY! Ya never know! HAHAHAHAHA!


  1. Noooo! You’ll have to make another as the perfect coat is a rare thing indeed. It will be even more perfect now you know the small alterations you need to make. Good luck:)


    • I actually am repeating this pattern with another anti pill fleece in Beetroot Purple and the reverse in a charcoal gray. I do have to alter a it some, since I lost weight since I made the green coat above. yet, it’s a relaxed style and needs little to no specific alterations, anyway. I hope to have it finished by the weekend. The only thing I did is to make it a longer coat for our Western New York cold winters.
      I hate chemicals and especially dry cleaning! I sew only what I can wash at home. Thank you for your kind words, Sheila! 🙂

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  2. I had this pattern years ago and loved it. Somehow I lost it during several moves from Calif. to Colorado. I have spent hours on the computer looking for this pattern and finally found one which i ordered. I am so excited! I have sewed for ages and I must admit it took me more than 2 hours to sew the jacket together but that is okay by me! I ended up giving my jackets away to several admirers of my jackets so I am so looking forward to making myself another! Sure wish McCalls would put this pattern out again! It is a real keeper!


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