Vintage Singer Machine, Amvets Finds, Clear Plastic Hose Covers & Garden Greens… OH MY!!!

I did buy this great running sewing machine at a local lawn sale, (the original matching flat bed is in the garage being spruced up a bit) and although I do not NEED any more machines (and after giving quite a few away!) I just loved the machine and couldn’t resist. It was worth the $12.50, MHO:







I haven’t cleaned it up or oiled it yet, but I plan on that this coming week. I know it runs well because the girl I bought it from sewed for me. It was her Mother’s and the family had their entire front lawn just full of furniture, pots, blankets, etc., you name it. She missed her Mom and was glad to know someone who loved sewing and machines was going to use it. That would be me. 🙂

Our local Amvets Thrift Store (where I’ve purchased several good machines in the past) had a 25% off sale on many items including green tags of dishes, cups and more, so I fell in mucho-like of these heavy duty green dishes and cups from the late 70-early-80s:



I just love them!

AND I found EXACTLY what I was looking for: a worthy tower for the fabrics I will be using in my next sewing projects! It’s all metal and was $6.98 USD.  It’s 5 feet high and just perfect!!! I put it around my right shoulder and pushed my cart of dishes and other things through the isles to pay – I made it unscathed:


The last of our garden mixed greens:


Now, this week’s most frustrating item we made at my job… as you can clearly see the sticky-wicket that made it one big, ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Last but not least: on the lighter side, I spied an unexpected treat, and although the image was taken from my cell phone from across the street, I happened to have snapped this pic of The Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz just meandering to the bus stop:





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