UPDATE: 4/20/2019 – REVIEW: Brabantia Ironing Board

√ UPDATE: My husband came home after work yesterday and somehow adjusted  the wobbling problem for me: the result is doable. It isn’t perfect; but it is enough of a fix to barely notice the subtle movement remaining, now. He’s wonderful! 🙂

I ordered a C size board from Walmart online, because it touted that is is Super Stable and doesn’t wobble. It wobbles. I read many complaints about it not being stable, as well as others giving glowing reviews. There are also many people I read who cannot get in touch with company to take advantage of the “generous offer” of a 10 year warranty. (not).

Breitbart Iron Board

Thankfully, I ordered one from Walmart.com, due to a better price, free shipping and I knew I would have no trouble returning it or paying to ship it back. All I have to do is take my bar code purchase to any Walmart Store and they will grab it from the my car when I park by Pickup Area.

She wobbled like a belly dancer. The information on the Brabantia website cannot be true: or their products may vary from each individual piece to piece.

Just sayin’: some people’s reviews are glowing, and others not.

Research well before buying.  I’m going to go to my home stores and scope for a different board in person that I can be happy with. And not worry that I cannot get in touch with a company that has issues: otherwise, why not talk to your buyers????

Happy sewing, crafting AND ironing! 🙂

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