Simplicity 5189 Princess Line Pattern and Floral Dress


I needed a pretty, simple, and comfortable dress to wear to the James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt Concert at The  Key Bank Center in Buffalo, NY last July 1, 2018. My Husband surprised me with tickets and since we hadn’t been to any concerts in recent years, he decided it was high time to treat us both! He’s the man of my heart and the apple of my eye.  😉

I had this pattern in my stash for a while and was able to run it up quickly, after only a few ‘tweaks’ to the neckline, by creating a paper twal that would become a new pattern piece providing a good fit due to my shoulders rotating inward. (Argh… run on sentence...). Sometimes one just has to fudge a new pattern piece – that’s all there is to it!

Here I am in my dress, even though I DID NOT SEW IT UP IN TIME FOR THE CONCERT!  =:^O !!!!!!!  Yeah, stuff happens sometimes. But, I wore a skirt anyway. I don’t like pants and being a woman, I prefer to dress and act as a lady should when leaving my home and going out. (YEP: ”Old School” and loving it!).

I love maxi dresses and despise the poor excuses they call “dresses” in our contemporary stores as well as online. Well, here’s the dress! Simple, but I like it:


I purchased this lightweight rayon print from Vogue Fabric Store online.  It was very ‘jiggly’ and tricky to handle while pinning, (more like pinning Jello!)… but it was worth the effort.


Well, we are planning to take Freddie’s Wildlife Art Paintings to a show out of town, and I need at least 7 more dresses to run up, so I can look my best while serving as wife, ambassador (A.K.A.= peon), and helper to my Best Friend and Sweetheart Husband when we go.  I’ll be posting the other dresses in their own posts here as I sew them.


Not bad for a ‘mature’ chick of 62, eh???


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Thanks for visiting and as always,

“Happy Sewing & Crafting!” 🙂 – Adrienne

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