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YIKES!!!!! Even MORE Sewing Patterns!

Coming  soon to my ebluejay store this week beginning Friday, Dec. 28, 2018. I've tossed a lot of really bad patterns that I sorted out from an estate haul.  The good ones will be posted up periodically over the next 7-10 days. Just a tiny sample above. I've been on Etsy, eBay, eBid, eCrater with… Continue reading YIKES!!!!! Even MORE Sewing Patterns!

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New Sewing Room On It’s Way!

It's been a while since I posted, because my Wonderful Husband has been working on remodeling my other sewing room. I chose a lavender/lilac color that is close to the color of my childhood room (if memory serves.). It's very cool and relaxing, which makes it a joy for me to create and sew. The… Continue reading New Sewing Room On It’s Way!

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Don’t Quit Your “Day Job!”

It happens: you open a business, you try to get it off the ground, and WHAM!  Everybody needs something: The Boss; The Family; The Dog; You name it... sometimes in life, things just get to be overwhelming and all things creative come to a screeching (and I hope a temporary) halt. It happens. PLAN A: 'Look for… Continue reading Don’t Quit Your “Day Job!”