McCall’s 9576 Reversible Jacket/Coat Finally Finished!

McCall’s 9576 Reversible Jacket/Coat Finally Finished!



It took a while since my initial post here… because I was otherwise occupied and didn’t get around to finishing it until yesterday!!!

Below is a shot of stitching the pocket lining to the coat:


That was the, “teaser”….    And now,… presenting:






Washable in cold water; hang dry. I tug a little at the seams and top-stitching if it looks a tad puckered, but as with my green coat, the fleece probably will need little or no tugging.  I did make the jacket longer to become coat length, and rounded the bottom points to eliminate that hard, squared off look. I think it lines up and looks better.

Well, off to the races!!!!  New York State has been hit hard with snow this year… this coat is warm and always gets compliments. Have fun making yours! 🙂


Green Fleece Coat: A.K.A. “Laundry Blues”… McCall’s 9576


McCall’s 9576 2 Hour Reversible Jacket©1998 (2 hours my foot…). ~:^O

I made this reversible fleece coat a handful of years ago with a matching reversible hat. My friend really liked it…. she wanted it! Personally, I considered it quite simple and unflattering; but it did keep me warm and machine washed like a dream! (I HATE dry “cleaning” chemicals.). Anyway; the fabric was a ‘no-pill’ polyester that always looked like new and never seemed to wear out.


I lengthened it for a coat instead of a shorter jacket, and used two colors/layers of the no pill fleece. If were to make another, I’d re-fashion the shawl collar to be closed to the neck and chest for better coverage in the cold weather. I’m thinking about making another one from some coating I have stashed.


Sadly, I no longer have it. My washing machine broke down and I had to use the local laundromat to wash my things. Understandably,(eyes rolling, here), I left it behind one day and it ended up being, “lost in a backroom flood…” said the Owner. Sure. Ok.

Ah well: I do believe someone is enjoying my coat somewhere,

Hmmnnn… maybe I ought to pay my old friend a visit… she was green with envy, though

HEY! Ya never know! HAHAHAHAHA!